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Unbeatable - 0% Finance on IBM Servers

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Will a disaster be your first backup test?

Most businesses understand the need for backups. Indeed, most companies have backups in one form or another. Having a backup is great, but it’s really just the first step toward data protection, because what good is a backup if you’re not sure you can recover?

The absolute worst time to test backups is when you’re in the midst of a recovery. Despite threats like malware, hardware failure, and the ever-persistent user error, a lot of companies ignore the need to test recovery, it’s the only way to achieve peace of mind and keep your business protected.

To find out;

·         Why testing isn’t just a good idea, it’s critical

·         How testing breeds confidence and provides peace of mind

·         How testing protects your business

·         How testing gives rock-solid recovery time objectives

·         How several techniques can make testing simple

·         How frequently to perform various backup and recovery tests

Don’t let a disaster be your first backup test !

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