GDPR & Cyber Security Seminar
GDPR & Cyber Security Seminar

Get the facts from global experts on the new General Data Protection Regulation and insights into the next generation of Cyber threats at our seminar on Tuesday 19th September

Will a disaster be your first backup test?

Most businesses understand the need for backups. Indeed, most companies have backups in one form or another. Having a backup is great, but it’s really just the first step toward data protection, because what good is a backup if you’re not sure you can recover?

The absolute worst time to test backups is when you’re in the midst of a recovery. Despite threats like malware, hardware failure, and the ever-persistent user error, a lot of companies ignore the need to test recovery, it’s the only way to achieve peace of mind and keep your business protected.

To find out;

·         Why testing isn’t just a good idea, it’s critical

·         How testing breeds confidence and provides peace of mind

·         How testing protects your business

·         How testing gives rock-solid recovery time objectives

·         How several techniques can make testing simple

·         How frequently to perform various backup and recovery tests

Don’t let a disaster be your first backup test !

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